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    Disney Animation

    I need some help. I am writing a masters thesis analyzing Disney animation post-Walt and pre-Eisner. The films during this era (except for the Black Cauldron) were all box office successes and accept for The Resucers were all panned by the critics. I am trying to analyze what went wrong and how the industrial practices of the company effected it's creative output in feature animation.

    One of my big questions I am trying to define is "What is the Disney aesthetic (ie style or formula) found in feature animation as established under Walt?"

    I need good scholarly input. Thanks.
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    Re: Disney Animation

    Sounds like you ahve your homework cut out for you. Good Luck.

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    Re: Disney Animation

    I know there were a few major principles that Walt emphasized (and this is just gleaned from the appearances I've seen on old Disneyland TV Shows (the Behind the Scenes treasures tin, etc..)

    1. Story was king. I know its become a cliche, but Walt emphasized economy of story. No song, no gag, no scene was so important that it couldn't be cut if it didn't advance the story in a meaningful way.

    2. Don't talk down to the audience. Movies were not dumbed down for children to "understand" them. The material was all in good taste and therefore "appropriate" for children to view, but they were not intended to be films for solely children to watch. Villians were scary and menacing, humor was often physical, but not scatalogical.

    3. Attention to detail - every frame of every scene was packed with detail and beautiful artwork. Walt was a perfectionist

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