Why I hate "Monday Night Football"
CNNMoney.com - 11/15/06

Why I hate "Monday Night Football"

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- I'm a huge New York Giants fan. Yet, I'm not looking forward to watching their next game.

The fact that the Giants are decimated by injuries partly explains my wary attitude. But the main reason I'm dreading Big Blue's upcoming match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars is because the game is on Monday night, which means ESPN will broadcast it.

ESPN has taken self-promotion to a ridiculous new extreme this year. And that has raised the ire of many fans.

I'm in a fantasy football league with a bunch of friends. And on Monday nights, we often have more to say on our league's message board about how infuriating the ESPN broadcast is than about the game itself.

We're not alone. One sports blog, Outside the Beltway, has a page called "Monday Night Football on ESPN sucks." And an item on sports blog TheBigLead.com from last month was titled "Can the JV MNF Crew Start Warming Up in the Pen? Because This is a Debacle." (Since I agree with the comment, I'll forgive the author's mixed sports metaphor here ... using a baseball term to describe action on the gridiron.)
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