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    Garden Grove seeks theme-park investors - OC Register, 11/15/06

    City officials aren't ready to give up on the idea of a theme park.

    They point to a new study by the city's consultant, Newport Beach-based Ledo International Inc., which encourages the city to pursue not one, but two theme parks.

    And today through Friday, staff members from the city's Economic Development Department will attend an international trade show in Atlanta.

    They hope to court developers and film studios such as Paramount and MGM to invest in the InternationalWEST resort, which has been Garden Grove's dream project for years.

    The idea for a theme park was resurrected after the city scrapped its plans for a Las Vegas-style resort and casino in 2004. City officials still hope to reshape Garden Grove into a lucrative destination by adding high-rise hotels and chain restaurants to capitalize on the neighboring Disneyland Resort.

    The city is trying to move away from the concept of an "amusement park," with its multitude of rollercoaster rides, said Chet Yoshizaki, the city's economic development director.

    "We hope to partner with a film studio to form a theme park so the rides and attractions in the park will be based on films produced by the studio," he said. "It's very much like what Universal has."

    The theme park feasibility study projects the park could attract 4.6 million people and generate about $350 million a year.

    The study also recommends building a water park.
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    Re: Garden Grove seeks theme-park investors - OC Register, 11/15/06

    Are they calling Disneyland/DCA a amusement park ?? They obviously dont understand the concept of a theme park !!

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    Re: Garden Grove seeks theme-park investors - OC Register, 11/15/06

    An amusement part in Garden Grove? Hmmmph.
    Whatever. I'll believe it when I see it.

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    Re: Garden Grove seeks theme-park investors - OC Register, 11/15/06

    I thought Little Saigon was our theme park???

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    Re: Garden Grove seeks theme-park investors - OC Register, 11/15/06

    I have always thought it would have been better if Walt put his park in Garden Grove instead of Anaheim. It is further south on Harbor Blvd. The more south you go on Harbor, the more likely you are to pick up some of the ocean breezes in the late afternoon which cool things off a bit. Just 2 or three miles south would have been a better location than where it is now. This is all just my honest opinion, and there is not much we can do about it now. Don't get me wrong I love it for what it is. It's just that he could have located it in areas that are a little cooler which aren't too far away from its current location.

    PS. Please don't insinuate that I am supporting another theme park in Garden Grove. I am neurtral until I get more information on the subject.

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