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    'ALIENS' 20th Anniversary screening event 12/8/06

    Aliens (1986)

    In the 20 years since this Academy Award®-winning science fiction classic was released in theaters, its following has only increased. Recognized for its groundbreaking visual effects and animatronic creations, as well as its stellar sound effects editing, this sequel to the 1979 film Alien provided some of the most startling imagery in the history of the science fiction genre.

    Aliens picks up 57 years after the previous story ended. After barely surviving her first expedition to an alien-infested planet, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is discovered by a deep space salvage team and taken back to Earth. When communication with the now-colonized alien planet suddenly ceases, Ripley is asked to return to the place where all of her nightmares began.

    Nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Actress (Weaver), Art Direction (Peter Lamont, Crispian Sallis), Film Editing (Ray Lovejoy), Music – Original Score (James Horner) and Sound (Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Messurier, Michael A. Carter, Roy Charman), Aliens won Oscars® for Sound Effects Editing (Don Sharpe) and Visual Effects (Robert Skotak, Stan Winston, John Richardson, Suzanne Benson).

    Several of the film’s key cast and crew members will gather for an onstage conversation to discuss the role motion picture science and technology played in shaping Aliens.

    Cast Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Carrie Henn, Bill Paxton, William Hope, Al Matthews, Ricco Ross, Jenette Goldstein, Mark Rolston.

    Director James Cameron. Producer Gale Anne Hurd. Screenplay James Cameron. Story James Cameron and David Giler & Walter Hill (based on characters created by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett). Cinematography Adrian Biddle. Film Editing Ray Lovejoy. Production Design Peter Lamont. Set Decoration Crispian Sallis. Costume Design Emma Porteous. Music James Horner. Sound Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Messurier, Michael A. Carter, Roy Charman. Sound Editing Don Sharpe. Alien Effects Stan Winston. Visual Effects Supervisors Robert Skotak, Dennis Skotak. Special Effects Supervisor John Richardson. Makeup Peter Robb-King. 20th Century Fox. 35mm. 137 minutes. 1986. Print courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

    Academy Award Winner: Sound Effects Editing (Sharpe), Visual Effects (R. Skotak, Winston, Richardson, Suzanne Benson).

    Academy Award Nominee: Actress (Weaver), Art Direction (Lamont, Sallis), Film Editing (Lovejoy), Music – Original Score (Horner), Sound (Hartstone, Le Messurier, Carter, Charman).

    Inaugurating the Science and Technology Council’s “Prime Tech” film series, the “Aliens” event will be hosted by producer Gale Anne Hurd and will feature creature effects coordinators Alec Gillis, Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant and Tom Woodruff, miniatures technical supervisor Pat McClung, and visual effects supervisors Robert Skotak and Dennis Skotak.
    More guests to be announced and added
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    Re: 'ALIENS' 20th Anniversary screening event 12/8/06

    Good gosh! And looking at this first off I thought - it hasn't been 20 came out in 1979. Then I realized that was the FIRST ONE - ALIEN. Was I thinking it was 1999? Who the heck knows. All I know is I'm getting greys and wrinkles around my eyes.

    Wow, talk about being 'lost in time'.

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    Re: 'ALIENS' 20th Anniversary screening event 12/8/06

    Very cool. One sequel that GREATLY surpassed the original ... at least IMO.

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    Re: 'ALIENS' 20th Anniversary screening event 12/8/06

    My favorite of the 4. Bill Paxton, and Michael Biehn, love this one.
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    Re: 'ALIENS' 20th Anniversary screening event 12/8/06

    That would be great to see on the big screen again. There weren't many dull moments in that movie. And especially with so many of the cast there.

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