GameZone, 11/27/06
Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace in Action Review

You can't keep a good chicken down. You can have it grilled, marinated, or deep-fried, but you can't keep it from returning (especially if it's undercooked, but that's a whole other issue). Chicken Little, the most popular of the species next to Tyson and Kentucky Fried, is back in action. He's brought a few friends along to for this adventure – Ace, Runt, and Abby. Each comes toting a different gift: a blaster weapon, a fully operational tank, and a ship constructed to go deep into space.

Ace, Runt and Abby are the characters you'll control in Chicken Little's newest adventure, Ace In Action. Their gifts aid them in combat while dispersing gameplay styles that switch off at the end of each level.

The game starts with the man of action, Ace. A brief tutorial with on-screen commands shows you exactly how to play. Whereas most shooters have a typical third-person style, Ace is not controlled with the stylus. His firing range is not solely determined by the D-pad. The D-pad is important – you use it to maneuver Ace through each environment.