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    Dick Clarke Memorabilia for sale...

    I just noticed an auction house has a massive amount of items from Dick Clark's personal archives up for auction on eBay. Everything from pianos, guitars, autographs, gold records, and more. Artists like the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and on and on. It's mind boggling the stuff that is for auction. The proceeds will benefit Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program. Here's your chance to own a piece of history! I have no connection to the auctions, just thought you might like to see history in the making.

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    Re: Dick Clarke Memorabilia for sale...

    Thanks for the link !! There is some nice (rare) stuff on there.

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    Re: Dick Clarke Memorabilia for sale...

    Mickey Mouse Clubs' Annette Funnicello has a poster in there. Tons of Beatles and Elvis memorabilia. Love to have the Jukebox Clark had. Whoa!
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