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    Praise for Gibson film, Quandary for Oscar Voters - The New York Times 12/5/06

    Praise for Gibson Film, Quandary for Oscar Voters

    Andrew Cooper/Walt Disney Studios
    The director Mel Gibson, center, and Espiridion Acosta Cache on the set of "Apocalypto."

    By Sharon Waxman
    The New York Times
    Published: December 5, 2006

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4 — With some early reviews lauding the audacity and innovation of Mel Gibson's bloody Mayan epic, "Apocalypto," Hollywood’s tight-knit community of Oscar voters may find itself facing a difficult dilemma in the coming weeks: Will they consider the film for an Academy Award?
    Andrew Cooper/Walt Disney Studios
    Fernando Hernandez, front, in a scene from the violent Mayan epic, “Apocalypto,” directed by Mel Gibson.

    Since Mr. Gibson’s drunken tirade against Jews last summer, many people in Hollywood swore — both publicly and privately — that they would not work with him again or see his movies.
    But that was before the critics began to weigh in on “Apocalypto,” a two-hour tale about a peaceful village of hunter-gatherers who are attacked and enslaved by the bloodthirsty overlords of their Meso-American civilization.

    Mr. Gibson wrote, directed, produced and financed the film, much as he did “The Passion of the Christ,” his surprise 2004 blockbuster; the Walt Disney Company is distributing the film.

    “Apocalypto,” which will open on 2,500 screens across the country on Friday, is as different from a typical Hollywood film as Mr. Gibson’s last one: it features unrelenting, savage violence, is told in an obscure Mayan language and uses many nonprofessional actors with a primitive look born far from Hollywood.

    Most critics (including this newspaper’s) have yet to weigh in on “Apocalypto,” but the excitement of those who have — like that among journalists who lingered to debate the film after a screening ended in Los Angeles last week — has been palpable.

    “ ‘Apocalypto’ is a remarkable film,” Todd McCarthy wrote in Variety. “The picture provides a trip to a place one’s never been before, offering hitherto unseen sights of exceptional vividness and power.”

    “Gibson has made a film of blunt provocation and bruising beauty,” Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone. “Say what you will about Gibson, he’s a filmmaker right down to his nerve endings.”
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    Re: Praise for Gibson film, Quandary for Oscar Voters - The New York Times 12/5/06

    This movie wasn't all that amazing. Visually, it was beautiful, but story wise, it was just plain rotten. If this got anything other than Visual effects or Directing, I will cry.

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