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    It is depressing but.....

    The years of neglect and lack of good quality merchandise for so many years just shows what Eisner and Co. did to this wonderful company. But look on the other least now you know that when you step foot in any of the Disney parks and purchase a souvenir, (T-shirt, pin, hat, sweatshirt, etc.) it is high quality merchandise, like Walt wanted. It is very cool to go to WDW or DL and buy things that you can only find in one place. You know that you won't see too many people wearing the same clothes or have the same toys unless they go to the parks and spend the money. I like that. Your thoughts???

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    Mickey on Pullups and bandaids.

    I stopped buying Disney stuff because it is so common and not special anymore.They used ot be picky about where and what they sold, and how much mouse was out there. Apple won't even sell T shirts to keep themselves cool and unique. The greed light went on at Disney and it refuses to dim or burn out. Instead, i've "burned out" on their stuff. I remember buying a Disney product because it was unique, not on Bandaids and Pullups diapers. Smells and scabs on your characters, big idea. They have strip mined their brand and it shows. If the park is any sign, it looks like they are on the mend internally. We can only hope for the best.
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    As a former CM at the Disney Store (for 12 years) I was so sorry to see what happened to the stores. If they were the same stores as they were in say, 1995, I would probably still be working for the company. As for "quality CM's", there are still quality CM's in the stores now but the focus is on the bottom line and not the Guest experience. I sorely miss those days when it wasn't about profit but about having fun (fun was even in the mission statement). Yet, I do understand the you can't keep running a business without some kind of profit. There is still a magic to the Disney Stores and we just need to keep voicing our opinions!!
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    As a former Manager at the MOA store I was waiting to see how bad the change that TCP was going to do to the store. They changes that they told us they wanted to do sound very good but I have yet to see any of them. They want to bring back the family line. Meaning more adult merchandise. I yet to see any of this. As Bigpiglet fan said earlier Disney's buying had already bought the merchandise ahead of time because they do buy up to a year in advance. So realistically it won't be until this holiday season that we will see the changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TicTocDragon
    It seems like the stores have become a discount Disney Store on some items,they do not have the nice art or sculptures like they used to.
    The store in the Northridge store in Los Angeles is still decorated the original way. Unfortunately, it is marred (sp?) by the cheap merchandise and unfriendly CM's in the store.
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