Article from MSNBC - May 20, 2005
Back to the Drawing Board

Computer animation is all the rage these days, but that may be why Disney should go back to its roots.

Is traditional hand-drawn animation dead? It's easy to think as much, given the fact that the most popular box office draws these days are coming from the computer-rendering animators at Pixar(Nasdaq: PIXR) and DreamWorks Animation(NYSE: DWA). Beyond Lilo & Stitch, Disney(NYSE: DIS) has found little success with old-school ink and paint.

But don't be so quick to bury Disney -- or hand-drawn animation.

Disney is too busy trying to ready itself for life beyond Pixar to see the possibilities here. It's focused on its computer-animated Chicken Little feature and teaming up with young tech-savvy studios to put out computer-rendered flicks like Valiant. Even Aardman Films, the amazing studio behind the stop-motion animation genius of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit, is working on a computer-animated feature called Flushed Away to be released by DreamWorks.