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    Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    Today's Orange County Register is featuring the Finding Nemo Submarine Lagoon attraction. The Front Page main story is "Sneak peek at sub ride" with a drawing of Nemo. This story is not available at the web site, but states...

    While the opening is still about six months off - Monday, June 11 is the current plan - Disneyland allowed a handful of journalists this week to get an advance peek at the construction site of the new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

    It also has a large graphic with some facts including...

    The ride will be about 12 minutes long.

    The Story line: The sub encounters Nemo - and faces a volcanic eruptions - and then follows the clown fish as he tries to rejoin his school of friends.

    60 AA's will be used, and 36 fixed figures.

    30 tons of crushed glass was used to paint 40 diffferent colors

    7,000 artifical plant pieces

    23,500 artificial coral pieces

    2 seats were added to each sub to reach a new total of 40 guests per sub

    Average speed of the subs, 1.36 MPH

    Page 3 of the paper has two more stories, including this one

    Al Lutz, editor of a Disney watchdog Web site, said fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the subs, after years of seeing an unused lagoon as Disney officials imagined then dropped other concepts. Lines are expected to be long because the subs will have just two more seats.

    "It's going to be a zoo getting on that thing initially," said Lutz, who runs "It's quite extensive what's going on in there. It's not just a simple makeover."

    Because the Monorail has been closed, visitors have been unable to look into the construction site. But they may be able to see parts when the Monorail is up to full rides in a few weeks.
    And there is also this story....

    "Dive! Dive," the captain barked as the horns blared.

    I pushed the nuclear submarine replica's throttle forward.

    And just like that, Sept. 8, 1998, I was in command of Disney's last submarine voyage.

    The opportunity to pilot the last sub came my way by chance. Earlier in the evening there was discussion among the crew about who would get the honor. In the end, the privilege went to whoever happened to be in the boat when the last guest stepped off the dock. Lucky me.

    I remember a strange sensation in my gut as I realized that this would be the last time anyone would repel a giant squid, spot mermaids or steer clear of Atlantis' tottering columns.
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    Re: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    Very cool...thanks for the info Darkbeer.

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    Re: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    cool.... then it just might be open when i go.... sometime in june.

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    Re: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    yes thank you dark beer...i cannot wait
    There is no better park than TDS

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    Re: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    Thank you for the information DarkBeer. I look forward in seeing pictures of this ride once it opens.

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    Re: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to open June 11, 2007 - OC Register, 12/23/06

    Thank you for the information, this is by far the most concrete information we've received since hearing it was coming. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how these numbers compare to the old Submarine Voyage. I know the ride was around 8 and a half minutes long, meaning the boats probably go slower now, but that lagoon was full of oceanic life and painstaking attention to detail.

    With John Lasseter personally taking an interest in the ride, it will most likely blow away anything Disney has done since Indiana Jones. Just seeing the queue, and its beautiful and atmospheric colored lighting, makes me think that this is not going to be the typical Universal-Studios-quality Disney ride we've come to expect from them nowadays. I really think this ride will put Disney back on the map when it comes to detail.

    If only they used an original theme though. If the ride can be this fantastic with a Nemo theme, just imagine how amazing it could've been with an exploration, Atlantis or other generic theme. Hopefully the Nemo aspect will be so thin so as to barely even notice it.

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