NY Daily News, 12/26/06
'High School Musical' graduates to the big time

The TV phenomenon arrives in concert

by Michael Giltz

The Disney TV movie "High School Musical" was the biggest pop cultural phenomenon of 2006 - and it's set to be the biggest one of 2007 as well. The "Grease"-like songfest was an unprecedented hit on cable, airing repeatedly and drawing massive viewership every single time. The soundtrack is the best-selling album of the year. Most of the cast members are on tour with the show, hitting Nassau Coliseum on Dec. 29 and New Year's Eve. And in February they start filming the sequel.

For star Corbin Bleu - a veteran actor and dancer even though he's only 17 years old - the fun has only begun.

"I'm actually on the tour bus riding to the next stop," says Bleu, who plays basketball star Chad Danforth and best buddy to the hero, Zac Efron. (In the film, Efron wants to play basketball but also is drawn to the smart new girl and the possibility of auditioning in the school's new musical.)

"There are like six buses," says Bleu, the son of parents who are also in the entertainment business. "I'm in my little bunk right now. Oh, my gosh," he says, sounding exactly like someone who'd be in a high school musical, "we're having so much fun."

Bleu is performing to some 15,000 fans a night and trying to map out his schedule for the next year.
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