Orlando Sentinal, 12/26/06
Disney keeps Osborne lights burning bright

by Sara K. Clarke

John Phelan, who is show director for the Osborne Family's Spectacle of Dancing Lights, on display until Jan. 7 at Disney-MGM Studios. He spoke with Sentinel reporter Sara K. Clarke.

Question: When did your team start putting the Spectacle of Lights together?

Answer: A crew of over 30 technicians started in August to install the lights, and there's a crew of two that actually stays with the lights the entire year, doing all the prep work and ordering and all that sort of stuff to get ready.

Q: What was the most difficult thing about putting the light show together?

A: This year our greatest challenge was we decided to have the lights dance to some music this year. Every 12 to 15 minutes the lights launch into a choreographed movement to three high-energy songs by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. ..... Orchestrating and putting all that together was our greatest challenge this year.

Q: Any idea how many visitors have seen the show so far?

A: We've had hundreds of thousands of people since it opened. ..... We'll probably have over a million that will see it this year.
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