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    Beatles' autographed LP cover auctioned for over $115,000

    Signed Beatles album cover auctioned

    Posted 12/27/2006 9:58 AM ET

    NEW YORK (AP) — An album cover signed by all four Beatles as a gift for George Harrison's sister has sold at auction for more than $115,000.

    The sale, to an unidentified buyer, was believed to set a record price for a signed Beatles album purchased at a public sale, said Mark Zakarin, president of the online auction company The exact price, with the buyer's commission, was $115,228.82.

    Bidding began at $25,000. The copy of Meet The Beatles, the band's first U.S. release on Capitol Records, was put up for sale by Harrison's sister, Louise. The sale was held Friday.

    Harrison wrote above his signature: "To Lou with love from Brother !!" John Lennon's inscription read, "To Lou many love from John Lennon X." Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr expressed similar feelings when all four signed the album cover while aboard a train to Washington for a 1964 concert.

    1: George Harrison Sister’s “Meet The Beatles” Signed LP Cover
    From George Harrison's Sister

    Category: The Beatles Autographs
    Starting Bid: $25000.00
    Number of Bids: 29
    Winning Bid: $115228.82 (including buyer's premiums)

    PLEASE NOTE: We have added a short clip from The Larry King Show with Louise Harrison talking about and showing this item. Click on the appropriate link at the end of this description.

    On February 11, 1964 just two days after the Beatles historic first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in New York, the band boarded a train en route to Washington D.C., where they played their first U.S. concert before a paying audience at the Washington Coliseum. On the train with the Beatles were reporters, as well as members of the Beatles entourage including Louise Harrison, George’s sister. Midway through the trip, Beatle road manager Neil Aspinall presented Louise with a promotionally stamped copy of the groups’ first US release on Capitol records, “Meet The Beatles”.

    A short while later, right there on the spot, all four band members signed the reverse of the LP cover in black ballpoint pen as follows; John wrote “To Lou many love from John Lennon X”, Paul wrote “To Louise with love from your older brother !! Paul McCartney XXX.”, George wrote “To Lou with Love from “Brother” !! George Harrison”, Ringo wrote “To Lou Lots of Love Ringo Starr XXX”. All four signatures are excellent and complete examples from this historic time period. This cover has been personally consigned by Louise herself, who has treasured this keepsake from the day it was signed.

    The cover was recently on display at the Clinton Museum. Louise was interviewed with the album on the Larry King show and a clip is included with this lot. This first issue cover comes with the original accompanying vinyl in VG+ condition. The LP cover itself has some seam splitting and has small front tear at the letter E. On John’s signature, the pen has skipped slightly on the letter “h” and also on the first letter “n” in his last name, however the entire signature can be seen. On the tail end of the signature John took the time to go over the final letters and redo the “X”.

    Such a well documented and personally connected set of Beatles autographs has rarely been offered for sale. The fact that it is on one of the most desirable record jackets to have signed by the band makes this perhaps the ultimate signed Beatles LP. In the history of the hobby, this is only the 9th authentic signed American LP cover to surface according to all the experts and historians, based on documented history of past auctions worldwide and all known private sales. With such impeccable provenance this very well could be the ‘Holy Grail’ of signed Beatles LP covers. Comes with LOA from Frank Caiazzo.

    Click to view a Video Clip of Louise Harrison on the Larry King Show with this item: Cable/DSL | Modem

    Click Here to Super-size
    Click Here to Super-size
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    Re: Beatles' autographed LP cover auctioned for over $115,000

    I want it.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: Beatles' autographed LP cover auctioned for over $115,000

    Meh. It's the US release.
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    Re: Beatles' autographed LP cover auctioned for over $115,000

    OMGosh.. any more and you could have a small condo with 2 bedrooms! lol we sold our condo for that much
    Hi! My name is pillowpumpkin but, u can call me pumpkin. I'm new to MC so, if u have any advice then just share!

    I ♥ MC so far so, maybe u can make me ♥ it more!

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    Re: Beatles' autographed LP cover auctioned for over $115,000

    ARRGGHHH!!! Over 30 years ago my cousin's former husband talked me out of an autographed (all four) poster from the London Paladium ($500)....and THEN he never paid me for it. She kept trying to either (a) talk him into paying for it or (b) getting it back to me.

    He wound up divorcing her and the poster mysteriously dissappeared.. yeahh right. (And to make it worse, he has been and still is a decon in his church.) Pretty much had forgotten about it until I saw this. Oh well... glad someone did get the full value of their LP cover.
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