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    Romantic Escape at Sea Package

    Ok, so in less than 6 weeks I'll be on my honeymoon on the Disney Wonder. We decided to customize our package and do the sea and land deal. I wanted it to feel less like a vacation and more of a honeymoon so I shelled out the $300+ dollars for the Romantice Escape at Sea deal. It includes:

    -Romantic gift amenity delivered to your stateroom
    -Couples massage at the Vista Spa & Salon
    -Romance turndown service (one night)
    -Priority seating at Palo (one night)
    -Champagne breakfast in bed (one morning)

    Has anyone done this? If so, how was it for you?
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    Re: Romantic Escape at Sea Package

    No but it sounds fun! Congrats on your wedding!

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    Re: Romantic Escape at Sea Package

    We did that on our cruise in '05. It wasn't really worth it, except for the massage.

    The "gift" was a wire basket with a bottle of champage, a photo frame, and a heart-shaped box filled with eight Lifesavers Cremesavers. (No, I'm not kidding - it wasn't even chocolate.)

    The "champagne breakfast" was a mess - they screwed up our order, and brought everything on seperate plates, creating a clutter of dishes everywhere. They put our eggs on one plate, and then our 2 sides of sausage on 2 seperate plates, our 2 sides of bacon on 2 seperate plates, my toast on a seperate plate, and my honey's muffin on a seperate plate. All the plates were full meal-sized, so you can imagine all the wasted space. It was quite the joke to lift the cover and see two little lone sausage links on a ginormous plate.

    I would forego the package deal, and just book the massage in the future.

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    Re: Romantic Escape at Sea Package

    Last I checked, the couples massage is no longer included either. Instead, you get a weeklong pass the Rainforest Room...Considering the diminished value, I would pass on the add-on.

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    Re: Romantic Escape at Sea Package

    What IS the Rainforest Room, anyway?

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