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    Las Vegas Finale to End All! (spoilers)

    Just got done watching the Las Vegas season finale...This was bare none the biggest, most shocking season finale I have ever seen. If you didn't watch this show the first two seasons, you might want to check it out---huge things are happening! Anybody else see it?

    To make this fair for those who didn't see it:

    *The Montesito Resort and Casino where they all work is sold. Nobody knows who bought it but Dean Cain play the player relation's rich estrangered husband who is theatening to break up the casino and tear the staff apart in hopes of driving his wife Sam (Vanessa Marcil) back to his arms.- THE CASINO IS BLOWN UP AND WE NEVER LEARN WHO BOUGHT IT.

    *Ed (James Caan) aformer CIA operative and head of the casino finds out his step daughter's British double agent father is alive and had a second daught and he tells Nessa who runs off to England with his real daughter Delinda (Molly Sims) in tow as well.

    *Mary gets on a private jet bound for Hawaii with her new ubber rich DA boyfriend and doesn't seem keen on ever coming back

    *Mike the former valet turns out to be Gladys Knight's nephew and accepts an invite to go on tour as a vocalist.

    *Danny (Josh Dumal) finds out his father died on the way to Vegas
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