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    Touchstone TV Launches Music Department - Billboard, 1/8/07

    Billboard, 1/8/07
    Touchstone TV Launches Music Department

    by Nellie Andreeva, Hollywood Reporter

    Touchstone TV has formed a music department and has tapped veteran feature music supervisor Dawn Soler to run it.

    Music supervision for Touchstone TV's pilots and series had been handled by Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group's music department.

    But with the TV studio's rapid transformation during the past several years into a major player boasting some of the biggest series on television, the music needs of its growing portfolio of series also increased significantly.

    For instance, Touchstone TV's Emmy-winning drama "Lost" features a live orchestral score, the studio tapped top Hollywood composer Danny Elfman to write the theme for "Desperate Housewives," and the two soundtrack albums for "Grey's Anatomy" ranked among the top 20 best-selling soundtracks of last year with "Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 2" recently scoring a Grammy nomination.
    Full Story: Touchstone TV Launches Music Department

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    Re: Touchstone TV Launches Music Department - Billboard, 1/8/07

    I saw this one comming a mile away, how about you?
    Check out my other blog:

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