Article from Empire Online - May 24, 2005
Chicken Little Promises A Lot

New Disney flick show promise
Most Hollywood marriages die a bloody death on the pages of a thousand tabloids. But one saw weeping and wailing in the trade magazines rather than the pages of the National Inquirer, and that was the separation of Disney and Pixar. With the closure of their traditional animation studios, and the lacklustre performance of recent Disney efforts, Pixar's departure seemed to spell the death knell for Disney animation. Until, that is, we saw our first glimpses of the genius-looking Chicken Little.

Featuring the vocal talents of Joan Cusack, Zach Braff and Patrick Stewart, Chicken Little is the story of a diminutive fowl, who causes havoc and paranoia in his home town when he claims that the sky is falling down, after an acorn drops from a tree and hits him on the head.

When it turns out to be a false alarm he becomes an object of public scorn, and is halfway to restoring his reputation when a real piece of sky falls on his head. Now, with the aid of some misfit friends, he must try to save the world without causing another panic.