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    No more Treasures!

    The series has been cancelled, according to Leonard Maltin, Jerry Beck, and several other sources. There will be no Chronological Donald Vol. 3 and 4.

    A campaign is kicking up in the animation community to try and fix this. Crossposted by permission:
    As a poster here recently pointed out, Leonard Maltin has been informed that Walt Disney Home Video presently has no further plans for further Walt Disney Treasures waves. Disney public relations personell might tell you otherwise, but a private source close to the Treasures series has advised me that the bad news is absolutely reliable as of right now.

    Apparently— and here's where my source went into more detail than Mr. Maltin— the Treasures series is not being halted due to lack of public interest, nor do the most recent wave's smaller edition numbers (60,000 vs. 100,000+) reflect plunging sales. From what I understand, the smaller editions and possible cancellation merely reflect deliberate marketing efforts, so that Treasures will not sideline newer products that Home Video management wants to launch.

    My source tells me that WD Treasures' demise could still be reversed; that this is the time of year when the annual wave begins production, so if a go-ahead came down from the appropriate powers on high, another wave could yet take place. My source recommends that anyone who's interested e-mail or write Dick Cook, Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios and a longtime enthusiast for the Treasures series. Mr. Cook may not yet be aware of the series' cancellation; if he is, he may not know how many fans support its continuation. He needs to be informed of both.

    Dick Cook
    Chairman, Walt Disney Studios
    The Walt Disney Company
    500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-9722

    e-mail: [email protected]

    Please be polite in your letters but still let them know how much you support the Treasures line and are disappointed that they may be ending soon. I suggest we request specifically that the next wave include the remaining two Donald sets; some would call two Donald tins at once overkill, but that way Donald's cartoons can at least be released complete before the series' future is threatened again.

    As a final word; please don't turn this into a complaints thread about the relatively minor glitches (i. e. use of edited prints) on the most recent Treasures wave. Let's please try to stay on topic in this particular thread and focus on the bigger picture which is contacting Mr. Cook directly and making sure another wave of Treasures happens, period.
    More on this at

    As always with things like this, snailmail is better. Let's get going!

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    Re: No more Treasures!

    Well, I emailed him a letter thanking him for the Wave's that have been released and how it would be nice to have more. But I'd rather see more Disneyland and Zorro based Disney Treasures to be honest.

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    Re: No more Treasures!

    sad news.

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    Re: No more Treasures!

    Maybe this new Legacy Series will replace the Treasures?
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    Re: No more Treasures!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Boy View Post
    Maybe this new Legacy Series will replace the Treasures?
    That is my guess too. I even made a thread about it here. Walt Disney's Legacy Collection

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    Re: No more Treasures!

    Ahh... I love these treasures. It was good while it lasted and i have my hands on all of the good ones except for "On the front lines"

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