Journey into the depths of a tropical forest and encounter some the Earth's most rare, unique and colorful creatures during a visit to the San Diego Zoo's newest and most elaborate animal habitat ever created – Joan B. Kroc's “Monkey Trails and Forest Tales” officially opens to the public June 3, 2005.

Monkey Trails, located in the heart of the Zoo, takes guests on an excursion into the wooded world of Asian and African forests flourishing with some of nature's most imperiled wildlife including mandrills, the largest and most colorful of African monkeys; Asia 's beautiful and elusive clouded leopard; the secretive and extremely rare pygmy hippopotamus; highly-prized and endangered mahogany trees; venomous snakes; the unique pancake tortoise; and two endangered crocodilians: the slender-snouted crocodile and the dwarf crocodile.

Witness Africa 's master thatchers – sociable weaver birds – as they build the most massive and elaborate nest complex of any bird species in the world. Travel along an elevated trail through the treetops and observe primate and plant life in the canopy including the activity of several rarely seen species of primates – guenons and mangabeys -- whom are among Africa 's most endangered monkeys. Beautiful, exotic orchids can be spotted high in the canopy of a massive ficus tree – the heart of Monkey Trails.