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    Talking Disneyland Trade Theories

    Hi.... I am required to do an assignment on a choosen MultiNational Company and write an analysis on the ramifications and challenges of success that characterise the company...
    I made a great choice and selected Disneyland.
    The requirements of the assignment is to describe the Trade Theories this MNC used, and NOT using SWOT or PEST in the analysis...

    I would say Disneyland is of Comparative Advantage... But not true for all the Disneyland outside US, eg, Paris....

    Can I get some advise???

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    Re: Disneyland Trade Theories

    I assume you're researching the Walt Disney Company, and not simply the Parks & Resorts business unit of said company. They really are more than just parks and their competitive advantage incorporates many of the mutually reinforcing aspects of each business unit (vertical/horizontal integration amongst other things).
    Here's a thread I started on a similar vein:
    (BTW got an A on the final master's project )

    Specific to Trade Theories, you might want to focus on the changes to their policies in Asia with regards to labor practices. Also their offshoring of animation.
    Briefly, I would also explore a VRIO assessment of some of their more visible assets. I'd give you more, know....

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