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CARLSBAD ---- Sports collectible and trading card company Upper Deck has teamed up with sports telecaster ESPN to make ESPN-branded trading cards. The collection, including baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards, starts this spring with a 90-card set for baseball.

The cards will be sold at retailers and hobby stores nationwide, said Claudine Ricanor, an Upper Deck spokeswoman. The suggested price is $2.99 per pack.

Each series in a given sport will pair up top athletes with ESPN programs, such as ESPY, which honors the best in sports performances each year. For example, basketball's LeBron James will be on a series of those who have won ESPY awards.

Upper Deck is promoting the ESPYs with a sweepstakes contest advertised on its Web sitehttp://www.upperdeck.com/sports/baseball/espn/).