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Thread: Willy Wonka....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy
    Didn't Dahl (the author of the book) write the screenplay for the original '71 movie?

    Lord no, he hated the movie!
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    The movie looks awesome, Tim Burton has really brought his imagination to this film. However, I am concerned about Johnny Depp's performance as Wonka. He seems to be a little high-strung and wacky in a different way than Wonka should be. I always pictured him being more subdued and mysterious like some of Depp's other characters.

    After seeing him portray Hunter S. Thompson, Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow, it's definitely within his acting ability to become a TOTALLY different person. So I'm hoping the personality he chose doesn't interfere with the film's imagination. It's amazing that he can go from a bald, drug-addicted reporter screaming about bats in the middle of a desert to a funny and mischievious pirate so believeably. If he wanted to, he could've changed his personality for Wonka very easily.

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