Article from Sign On San Diego - January 25, 2006
Outsourcing at heart of Disney World labor talks

ORLANDO, Fla. – At Walt Disney World, where employees are called “cast members,” almost 500 outside contractors recently have joined the show, putting outsourcing front and center in labor talks that opened this week.

The Florida theme park's largest union contract, set to expire on April 28, is at stake.

“The whole issue of subcontracting bargaining unit jobs – leasing out work that is performed by Disney workers to third parties – in the last six months has become a very contentious issue,” said Morty Miller, president of the Service Trades Council, which represents 21,000 full-time Disney employees.

“We're starting to see a pattern,” Miller said. “And when the canary dies in the mine shaft, we want to fix the problem before all the miners die.”
Neither the union nor Disney management will reveal publicly, or to each other, the dollar value or other details of their initial bargaining positions until a meeting scheduled for March 6.

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