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    Towering egos - Guardian Unlimited- 5/27/05

    From Hitler's vision of a new Berlin to Tony Blair's Dome and Michael Eisner's EuroDisney, tyrants, kings and tycoons have erected grand monuments to their own vanity. Deyan Sudjic deconstructs the Edifice Complex

    Full text article available here:,00.html

    When Michael Eisner, a typical victim of the Edifice Complex, set about building EuroDisney he recruited every famous architect he could get his hands on, and insisted on selecting every door knob, tap and wash basin himself. Aldo Rossi, the leading Italian architect of his generation, resigned, and wrote to Eisner reminding him that the last time an Italian architect had this much trouble in Paris, it was Bernini, working for the King of France. 'Clearly I am not Bernini,' he said, 'but unfortunately you seem to believe that you are the King of France.'

    From an upcoming book "The Edifice Complex"

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    Thanks for sharing, what an amusing and telling quote!

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    Funny quote, but oft-repeated. I know it was in DisneyWar and many places before that.

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