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    Re: 02-05-07 Disney to Build Del Coronado-Inspired Hotel at Anaheim Resort

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Oberleitner View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea we'd generated five pages of debate over there. Who knew a little hotel could stir up so much discussion.
    Obviously you did. Or else you wouldn't have wasted your time writing such a controversial article.

    Come on, really... Imagineering is probably out to lunch with Laugh Floor. (Which dumbarse moron came up with that lame idea?) Not every creation is going to be a home run. But a Victorian hotel in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot? Within spitting distance of Tower's Pueblo Deco? Like this ever had a shot of getting out of blue sky. (And if Baxter really did suggest a Victorian hotel for this eastern corner of DCA, then he should pack it up and head off for the Old Imagineers Home. Now.)

    Next thing you know, they'll suggest putting Caribbean pirates in Frontierland.

    Oh wait...
    "Dope smoking insects and reckless driving always work." -- Cousin Orville

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    Re: 02-05-07 Disney to Build Del Coronado-Inspired Hotel at Anaheim Resort

    LOL I was just asking about any new plans for Disneyland hotels in another post. Now I have to be careful for what I wished for. I wanted to see Disneyland build a new hotel with theme and now theyre building a hotel with an unoriginal overused theme. Tokyo Disney is already building a Victorian-theme hotel which wont be some carbon copy of the Grand Floridian.

    I wish these people would start thinking creatively instead going through old portfolios.

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    Re: 02-05-07 Disney to Build Del Coronado-Inspired Hotel at Anaheim Resort

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Afraid View Post
    HUH? The REAL "Del" is two hours away, why build a copy?

    When they built the Haunted Mansion in Florida, the completely changed the style of the house because plantation-style mansions were too typically Southern and they wanted something a bit more "exotic". I wish Disney would use some of their former thought process when future planning.
    Hear! Hear! I totally agree. It could be a "Mictorian" but should not be modeled after the Coronado. TDL's is "Mictorian" but does not look like the Coronado, maybe they should go that way.

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    Re: 02-05-07 Disney to Build Del Coronado-Inspired Hotel at Anaheim Resort

    I would prefer a new San Francisco area back in the parking lot, complete with its own hotel. Of course, that would require Disney buying and knocking down those Katella hotels to take over the whole block, but the theming could really revive California Adventure. When tourists come to California, they want to go to four places: the Beach, Hollywood, Disneyland, and San Francisco. San Francisco is the Paris of California, and would bring real visual joy to DCA. It could be DCA's New Orleans Square with some of Discovery Bay thrown in for good measure. We could get a real E-ticket, and hills, and a cable car ride, and a hotel hidden underneath those fake hills, with a great San Francisco front on Katella. Wow. Cool, huh. Then, if they want a hotel over by the Hollywood section, why not a Hollywood-themed hotel? After all, Disney has a design for one or two already (they had an interesting design for that entertainment complex they never built in Glendale CA. My two cents.

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