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    Well, I did my usual this morning when getting into work. Fired up the computer and started the programs and then logged on to to look while the programs I use for work started.

    Low and behold, disney auctions is back for at least this week according to the site! And it looks like the whole site has been revamped a little!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticDuck View Post
    the whole site has been revamped a little!

    The hole website has been revamped. Check it out.

    Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

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    I noticed they put a lot of their items for sale. I rememeber how hot the bidding was on those tinkerbell as princess pins and then how they screwed everyone who won and said they lost them. I'm guessing these are those that belong to people who did not keep after them like I did. I kept on them until they got me my pin. If shipping wass free today on pins I would have bought another one. Oh well.

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    I haven't forgotten the Tron Big Figurines they had on the auction site. I missed that one, by one bid. Ouch!
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    Disney Auctions really isn't back, just looks
    like some of the merchandise that they had
    left. I wonder if they will ever really bring
    the auction area back...

    They used to be associated directly with Ebay,
    then they set up their own "auction" site. And
    now it looks like they are giving up on it completely.

    Hopefully they will get there on line merchandise store
    in better working order and start sending out the
    catalogs on a regular basis. With just the online
    site, it's so easy to miss so much of the merchandise,
    especially since they do carry such a wide range of

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