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Thread: Disney Vault

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    Disney Vault

    So I was curious about this. I recently started watching old Disney movies as a nostalgia trip of sorts, but then I realized that not only were they great for memories, but for the most part they are excellent movies in their own right. Take for instance Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King for example. I can guarantee that even if I never watched those films as a kid I would still think they were fine films in their own right.

    So basically, I want to start collecting more Disney DVD's to replace my old VHS tapes. Obviously a certain Disney Vault makes this a somewhat challenging task, and I have a few questions about it. I know The Little Mermaid is out now, and Peter Pan will be out next month, so how long will they stay on the market? Do they usually last a couple of months? I believe TLM has been out since October, so am I in danger of missing that if I don't pick it up soon? Also, what other movies are currently available, and what ones will be available in the near future? I've looked online and can't find any master lists, which would be nice.

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    Re: Disney Vault

    here's a good site for you:

    I'm not sure exactly how long they stay on the market, but I think they tend to stay in the vault 7 to 10 years before they are released again.

    Hope the site helps!

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    Re: Disney Vault

    I know Peter Pan is coming out soon but that link above is very helpful

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    Re: Disney Vault

    Peter Pan comes out March 6th. Disneyland has a window of it and DCA has a billboard. I'm so getting it.
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    Re: Disney Vault

    This is the definitive Disney DVD site - - far more reliable info than Disney's own PR.
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