^^ I'm cautiously optimistic about the Studios. I was ambivalent about firing Nina Jacobson in favor of Oren Aviv. But as long as they are partnering with other talent and creative types like Walden Media, Robert Zemeckis and Jerry Bruckheimer they should create good product. If Oren is only able to greenlight sequels to existing franchises or new theme park movies, there could be trouble. Movies like "Eight Below" and "Bridge to Terabithia" show Disney can still make quality live-action films that match the Disney brand. And the success of "The Queen" shows that Miramax can still have a role to play too.

Regarding Lasseter, he hasn't done anything I disagree with yet. I even think "Cars" is much better than it has rec'd credit for. I just wish he would show the same care and interest for WDW that he has shown for DLR.