LA Daily News, 2/14/07
Rockin' with Ralph Covert

One of America's finest pure-pop singer-songwriters is coming to Sunset Boulevard's House of Blues on Saturday, but if you haven't changed a diaper in the past several years, you've probably never heard of the guy.

Since 2000, Ralph Covert has made six perfect albums of kids' music under the banner of Ralph's World.

Covert fell into the genre almost by accident, but what he has accomplished these past few years is nothing short of remarkable. He along with other key artists like Dan Zanes, Justin Roberts and Laurie Berkner has transformed a genre known for pap into priceless pop.
Covert signed with Disney Sound last year, leading to video play on the Disney Channel, a greatest-hits album and the current tour of House of Blues venues throughout the country. At a stop at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney in early February, children pogo-danced near the stage while their parents sat behind them, grooving to the music with sippy cups and diaper bags at the ready.
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