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    In case you missed it ...

    In last week's Wall Street Journal, Jay Rasulo in an interview stated among other things that Disney was looking to DOUBLE the DCL fleet, which by my count would mean adding two ships ... and that the company was very close to pulling the trigger and getting the third ship into production.

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    Re: In case you missed it ...

    have heard that for several years now. they need to get off their duffs and get it started.

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    Re: In case you missed it ...

    I think it will be cool to have a ship in Asia that sails between Tokyo and Hong Kong. It will tie in with the two DLs.

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    Re: In case you missed it ...

    Isnt there a ship in production right now which will serve the West coast?
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    Re: In case you missed it ...

    Quote Originally Posted by hidnmickey View Post
    Isnt there a ship in production right now which will serve the West coast?
    No, not as far as I know. The builders and contacters have not been given a green light. I know the marine business well, and this would ne tough for me to miss.
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