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    Brad Bird to direct live action film

    Story at

    Brad Bird To Direct Live-Action Film

    It's been floating around the web during the night/day that Brad Bird is directing a live-action film after Ratatouille. Well it's true, as he said he was here, in the interview he did with Good Morning America.

    Websites have been speculating however, as to what he will be directing. There are 2 possibilites. A few weeks back, Upcoming Pixar reported here that John Lasseter, on behalf of Disney/Pixar, was in final negotiations for the rights for the John Carter of Mars series. Disney owned the rights in the 90's, when Dreamworks Animation Studios CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg worked there. In 2002, Paramount Pictures nabbed the rights, to turn it into a live action series. Could Brad make this series into a live-action film?

    The other possibility was reported at /Film. They speculate that it is the much rumored 1906. Based on the novel 1906 by James Dalessandro, which is a fictionalized account of the famous 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco. /Film says that Barry Levinson was in line to direct this and that Warner Bros. owns the rights.
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    Re: Brad Bird to direct live action film

    A representative of the Burroughs estate said the studio was acquiring the live-action rights for a possible tentpole franchise. However, sources at Disney believed "Mars" to be headed for animated adaptation.
    Disney/Pixar on mission for 'Mars' rights - The Hollywood Reporter 1/17/07
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