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    Arrow Favorite Disney Font

    We all know what the fonts that Disney uses for their advertising, attractions, and films look like. But what design do you like best? There are so many different fonts. Each attraction really has its own special look to its name.
    Fantasyland, Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, etc. all have their very own fonts. The Original Disneyland font, the Walt Disney Co. font, Pirates of the Caribbean font, The Haunted Mansion font, the font associated with Peter Pan, Snow White, etc. There are so many GRRRRRRREAT fonts Disney uses and has come up with. Share with us your favorites!

    Mine have to be:

    The Disneyland font (both the older one (with the larger "D" and the more recent one which is still in the same style). I did not care for the "new" Disneyland Resort logo (using the Walt Disney Co. font as a basis) that was introduced with DCA and DTD. Thank goodness we have gotten back to the Disneyland park font for the rest of the resort.

    The Haunted Mansion font is another favorite.

    Now share yours!

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    I love the Disneyland font as well. And the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

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    I, for one, like the Indiana Jones font. Not strictly a Disney font, but a good one all the same.

    I'm all for nostalgia, so I'm partial to the "Buena Vista" font on the old videos...and the Epcot-type font. It's some kind of futuristic font, you can see it at The Disney Experience at the fonts section.

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    I have never really cared for the The name RESORT attached to Disneyland, I will always enjoy calling it the Disneyland Park. As it was, as always will be to me.
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    Me likey the Emperors New Groove font.

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