ORDDU: Now, ducklings, before any of you are tempted to think that my sisters and I are just a trio of lonely, old gossips--with nothing better to do than start a vicious rumor for the fun of it--think again--and bear with us.

ORWEN: You see, we have this very good friend in Morva--a Knight in shining armour, really--

ORDDU: --and he's engaged to marry the most lovely Indian girl--

ORWEN: --who actually LIVES in India!

ORGOCH: Git ta the POINT!!

ORWEN: Well, the point in this case IS that, according to the Indian girl, Disneyland will be coming to HER country--eventually.

ORDDU: At least that's what she claims. We had heard rumors even before this.

ORWEN: But she says the locals in her country are already under the impression that it's a done deal.

ORDDU: Anyone else heard anything about this?

ORGOCH: If not, don't try suin' ME!! I got frogs ta ketch and don't give a dang whether India gits a Dizzyland er NOT!!