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Thread: 'Die Hard 4.0'

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    'Die Hard 4.0'

    Bruce returns soon as "John McClane", his "Captain Jack Sparrow" role:

    The international teaser one-sheet

    'Live Free or Die Hard' in theatres 6/29/07 - USA TODAY 8/2/06
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    Re: 'Die Hard 4.0'

    How bad can it be? rhetorical
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    Re: 'Die Hard 4.0'

    The only thing that worries me is that all that separated McClane from other action characters was his "everyman" attitude and wise-cracking,
    and it's been a while since I've seen Willis appear to enjoy himself onscreen.

    Nothing in the teaser trailer leads me to believe this won't be Bruce playing his character from, say, "Striking Distance" as opposed to the McClane we know and love.

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