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    'Lost' scribes ink overall deal - Variety 3/1/07

    'Lost' scribes ink overall

    Duo to create, develop new projects for studio



    By Josef Adalian
    March 1, 2007

    "Lost" co-exec producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have inked a mid-seven figure overall deal that will keep them on the ABC Television Studio island through 2010.

    Three-year pact calls for the scribes to continue on "Lost," rising to exec producers by the second year of the deal. They'll also create and develop new projects for the studio.

    Kitsis and Horowitz, writing partners for 12 years, have been with "Lost" since the latter part of the show's first season. Skein's co- creator and exec producer, Damon Lindeloff, said the scribes joined during "dark days" for the show.

    "It was our first year, and we were right up against it in terms of production, where everything was last minute and 3 a.m.," Lindeloff told Daily Variety. "They were like players who join in the fourth quarter, and there's only seven minutes left in the game. They just rose to the challenge."

    Lindeloff credits the scribes with "the majority of the humor on the show," noting that they've become the voice of Hurley (Jorge Garcia). Indeed, duo wrote Wednesday night's Hurley-centric episode.

    Carlton Cuse, who runs "Lost" with Lindeloff, first met Kitsis and Horowitz when he hired them to work on his short-lived WB skein "The Black Sash."

    That experience went well enough that when the scribes became available following the demise of "Life As We Know It," Cuse immediately pressed to hire them on to the "Lost" staff.

    "They're fantastic character writers who can find both the humor and the pathos in the characters on the show," Cuse said. "They have enormous breadth. I hope they stay on 'Lost' until we discover (the island is) an alien spaceship."

    Cuse, however, might have to contend with Morgan Wandell, Touchstone's senior VP of drama development. He said the studio is ready to "move into the next stage of our relationship" with Kistsis and Horowitz and start developing ideas for new shows with the scribes.

    "They've made enormous contributions to 'Lost' (but) we think they can also develop great shows," Wandell said.

    Kitsis and Horowitz began their careers working at the former Touchstone Television on skeins such as the 1998 revival of "Fantasy Island" and "Felicity"

    They then spent three years working on a number of Warner Bros. shows, including "One Tree Hill," before returning to the Touchstone fold for "Life As We Know It."

    Deal for Kitsis and Horowitz was brokered by Endeavor, where the scribes began their careers as the first "baby" writer team signed by the agency when it opened in 1995.

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    Re: 'Lost' scribes ink overall deal - Variety 3/1/07

    Hmmm ... is it coincidence that since the end of season one (when these guys came on) Lost has been going downhill???

    Wondering if this is the best deal for Disney.

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