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    Final Destination

    Ok ppl, i went to the store today i was going to buy Final Destination 1, 2, and 3 but i just decided to buy 1 and 2 bc i didnt know if the third one would be any good.

    If u have seen Final Destination 3 i would like to know what u thought about it bc i want to know if i should have bought it or not.

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    Re: Final Destination

    if you liked the first 2, i think you'll like the 3rd. the best thing about the DVD is you can "pick" various scenes and how people die from what i've heard...but i've only seen it on HBO.

    I really like the death scenes in 3, but i'm a glutton for lots of gore And the whole roller coaster scene rivals the airplane crash scene from the first movie as to which is the most intense...all in all, if you're goign to plunk out the cash for the first 2, might as well get 3..and i think you'll like it, i know i did
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