The clippings from the Los Angeles Mirror-News, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Examiner and The Long Beach Independent are faded now. So is the photo of 22-year-old Dave MacPherson giving the OK sign as he became the first customer to buy a ticket to Disneyland when it opened to the public July 18, 1955.

I had it in my mind to be the first," he recalled. "I would have said forget it if someone was there. But I was the first person."

It was 2 a.m. and MacPherson heard technicians testing animal sounds for the Jungle Cruise ride. Before the day was over, 6,000 people would queue up behind him.

MacPherson was the first to enter the park. But, surprisingly, he did not ride any of the new attractions or get Walt Disney's autograph.

"I was still in school," he recalled. "I was dead tired. People were fainting in the parking lot. I had to get back to school."