MSNBC/The Motley Fool, 3/7/07
Fool on the Street: Eye of the Iger

By Rick Aristotle Munarriz

It's a story that Bob Iger probably doesn't tire of telling. Addressing the audience at the Bear Stearns 20th Annual Media Conference, the Disney (NYSE: DIS) CEO was asked about the challenges he faced when he took the helm at the family-entertainment giant.

It was a tough time for Disney. Outgoing chieftain Michael Eisner was leaving on a sour note. The Internet seemed to be more of a threat than an opportunity. And the animation studio's reputation was crumbling, just as Pixar was heading for the door.

Yet in a sense, Iger was blessed. He was making his way toward the big chair at a company in flux. Making the right choices would help cement his footing and silence the critics who believed that Disney settled when it hired him internally.
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