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Latest discoveries show the possibility of the first ever Mickey Mouse sketch being a fresco in a church of an Austrian village called Malta. The village, bearing the name of our country, could reclaim the copyright of the much renowned and globally famous cartoon character which is property of the Walt Disney company.

The news, reported on Moneyplans.net, revealed that the 700-year-old Austrian Mickey Mouse was uncovered in a church in the village of Malta in the province of Carinthia.

Siggi Neuschitzer, manager of the local tourism office, was said to have confirmed that the legal process to claim the copyright had already started. "Anyone who has seen our fresco can see it proves that Mickey Mouse is a true Austrian - and was not from Hollywood", continued Neuschitzer.

Malta mayor Hans Peter Schaar said that the ‘Maltese’ will not be greedy on this issue and will surely settle for an out of court settlement if the case is found to be veritable and that “we wouldn’t want much, perhaps they would build something here as a tribute to Mickey that would encourage the tourists, nothing too big and tasteless of course, and with an Alpine theme."