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    50th Anniversary advertising campaigns

    As part of the 2005 Disney's Investor Conference being held at WDW, Tom Staggs talked about the following on Monday...,1...684596,00.html

    The Burbank-based company will launch its "Happiest Celebration on Earth" anniversary package May 5, tapping cross-promotional relationships with Clear Channel Communications, The Coca-Cola Co., Kellogg and McDonald's.

    Disney also plans to target preteens and teens by launching an Internet-based game that is similar to "Sim City." Rizolo said the game will allow this demographic to create its own "personal Magic Kingdom."

    Jay Rasulo, President, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, did state that the Internet-game site will be free.

    The Clear Channel Radio promotion is for 3 key weeks, with about 1 ad an hour during those times.

    You can catch all the presentations through the following link...

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    I definitely can't wait to see this one... I loved Sim City, so if it's something along those lines, I will be very happy!
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    I wonder if this "Sim City" type software will have a non-disabling micromanaging and "takeaway" feature built in, "whether you like it or not?"

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