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Thread: A fun find...

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    A fun find...

    I have quite a few old 78 RPM records that I'm currently sorting through. I had forgotten I had this one. "Mickey Mouse and Minnie's In Town." It's a bouncy little tune I wish I could share with you, but am not sure of copyright issues. The other side is "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf" so that would date this record to about 1933. I just thought you'd enjoy seeing it.

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    Re: A fun find...


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    Re: A fun find...

    Sell that thing on eBay!

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    Re: A fun find...

    Side B of this record (Mickey Mouse and Minnie's in Town) was recorded on September 25, 1933. There were two takes of side A (Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?) recorded on the same date, but those were rejected - the take that was actually released was recorded on October 4, 1933.

    The line-ups for the two sides are:

    Don Bestor leader - arranger; Charles "Ducky" Yontz trumpet - vocal; Ed Camden trumpet; W. White trombone; Maurice Cross alto sax; Walter Payne clarinet - alto sax - baritone sax; Harold Stargardt clarinet - tenor sax; Ernie Dieckmann - violin; Dudley Mecum? piano; W. Yates guitar; H. August tuba - string bass; Tom Whalen drums; Frank Sherry - The DeMarco Girls vocal
    Last edited by swazoo; 03-18-2007 at 06:53 PM. Reason: Originally said side B where I meant side A.

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