Uncertainty has kept the price low, but Disney is accelerating its turnaround with TV hits, swelling crowds at theme parks and a pile of potential hits in the movie pipeline.

Investors may not have noticed, but the House of Mouse is back.

While the suits at Walt Disney spent the last year bickering over who will succeed chief Michael Eisner, the rest of us returned to the company's theme parks, loaded up on Disney DVDs and tuned in to popular ABC hit shows like "Desperate Housewives."

The net result: Disney (DIS, news, msgs) earnings were up 23% in the most recent quarter on 9% revenue growth -- in a turnaround that looks set to reward shareholders for several quarters to come.

ďAll the cylinders are starting to fire,Ē says Malcolm Polley, the chief investment officer at S&T Wealth Management, whose $1.3 billion in assets include a position in Disney.

Not everyone seems convinced -- but thatís the good news for any investors who donít yet own Disney shares.
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