LONDON - The worlds of Douglas Adams' 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' are brought to life in a new exhibition at the Science Museum, designed by Silver Knight.

Featuring the spectacular travels from Arthur Dent's kitchen to the far reaches of outer space, taking in spaceships and androids on the way, the exhibition has been developed by the museum and creative design agency and museum interiors specialist Silver Knight.

The 800 square metre interactive exhibit took 10 weeks to design, develop and install, with sets and props from the new film, starring Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent, as well as characters created by Jim Henson's Creature Workshop.

Divided into 10 zones such as the Heart of Gold, the Planet Factory Showroom and the Vogon Ship, the exhibition aims to educate as well as entertain by exploring in a light-hearted way the science behind the story -- from teleportation to the Big Bang.

Other highlights include a life-size costume of Marvin the Paranoid Android, a Vogon poetry reading, behind-the-scenes footage and artwork from the film, as well as 'Hitchhiker's'-inspired original sketches from fashion designers including Wayne Hemmingway, Ben de Lisi and Stephen Jones.