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    Disney Online- become a part of the online research panel


    Looks like they are enlisting help in developing their online community- here is your chance to voice your opinions. It appears there will be rewards for participating in online surveys and such. Check it out!

    The Disney Online Research Panel is a unique online community where Disney Online visitors have the opportunity to offer their opinions. In return for their participation, members will have the opportunity to receive rewards for helping Disney Online with important market research projects. See the “Rewards Center” for details.

    As a member of the Disney Online Research Panel, you will be asked important questions that will be used to help improve Disney Online to better meet your needs. You will also have the opportunity to give your opinions about new products and advertisements for leading brands.

    All personal information we gather about you is strictly for market research purposes. We will never try to sell you anything, and your personally identifiable information will be subject to our Privacy Policy.
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    Thanks- all signed up.

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