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    03-20-07 Digital 3D-Everybody's Doin' It!

    Digital 3D—Everybody’s Doin’ It!

    By C. W. Oberleitner
    March 20, 2007

    The March 30 release of Meet the Robinsons in Disney Digital 3D on over 600 screens, is seven times the number of screens that ran Disney’s Chicken Little in 3D. In New York City, Meet the Robinsons will only be seen in 3D. Last week, DreamWorks Animation announced its intention to produce all of its films in stereoscopic 3D technology starting in 2009. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Roy Disney’s Shamrock Holdings would soon announce a $50 million investment in Real D, a major supplier of digital 3D projection equipment.

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    Re: 03-20-07 Digital 3D-Everybody's Doin' It!

    It's really exciting to see the next generation of animation take this course with 3d. I wish I had stock in this too.
    Last fall my wife and I really enjoyed Nightmare 3D.
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