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    Regis is recovering at home

    Regis is recovering at home

    March 23, 2007 - New York

    Popular morning talkshow host Regis Philbin called his Daytime Talk Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, which airs on ABC this morning. Regis, 75, is doing well after his heart bypass sergery, but is complaining about everything, which means he is getting back to normal. And of course his medication is turning off his inner censor so he is sharing way too much about his personal life than most of his viewers want to know - so he is still recovering at home.

    On behalf of MiceChat, we send you, Regis, all the best in your recovery... and hope to see you back on the small screen soon.

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    Re: Regis is recovering at home

    That's good to hear that he getting better. Hopefully he will return to the show soon.

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    Re: Regis is recovering at home

    Philbin says he'll return on April 26

    Associated Press

    April 17, 2007

    NEW YORK -- Regis Philbin says he'll return to his syndicated daytime talk show April 26, about six weeks after having triple heart bypass surgery.

    Philbin called "Live With Regis and Kelly" on Monday to say he'd been "through the wars" in his recovery but was building up strength by walking and lifting light weights.

    He joked that when he returns to the show, he won't be the "fun-loving Reej" that he was before his operation because his whole personality had changed.

    The last time Philbin, 75, called the show, he complained about not having sex for 3 1/2 months. Co-host Kelly Ripa asked Monday if that had improved. Philbin joked that it was up to "five times a week."

    Last month, Philbin told his audience he was getting the operation because "there's some plaque in some arteries and I've got to get it cleaned out."
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