Article from Computer and Video Games (CVG) - June 9, 2005

Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shark Tale set to hit the GBA

With the PSP's ever-growing library of UMD movies, it's no surprise to find Nintendo hitting back with the GBA, which will now have its own movie offering from DreamWorks, who are planning to release several of their 3D animated movies onto the cartridge format.

Retailing in the States at around $20, DreamWorks is enthusiastic to capitalise on the younger Gameboy audience by releasing their favourite films on the cartridge format. "Given the technology and the Game Boy marketplace, we're focusing now on animated content, though we hope to improve it so we can play live action," said Lester Greenman, Executive Vice-President of the project, who hopes to release the new 3D hit Madagascar on the format if the first three films do well.
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