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    Welcome to the lawsuit Thunderdome

    April 24th marks the date of the Anaheim City Council vote in the matter of a 1994 law that limited construction within the 2.2 mile tourism zone to theme parks, hotels, restaurants and shops.

    More on this story at:
    Disneyland balks at new neighbors
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    Re: Welcome to the lawsuit Thunderdome

    I understand the need for affordable housing, but as the article states:

    Doughty says Disney supports more housing for the working poor in other parts of Anaheim
    Seriuosly, if I had the thinking of some of the folks in the article I'd be upset because there wasn't any affordable housing when I was working in Santa Monica (commuting from East Los Angeles ... on the bus). You can't always find work that is close to you.

    I also hate when quotes are used which say that Walt wouldn't like certain things. As if saying such a thing would make Disney stop.

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