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    Sing "The Music of the Night" 8,000 times!

    New Watermark for an Underground Lake: Phantom Hits 8,000

    By Kenneth Jones
    04 Apr 2007

    Michael Shawn Lewis and Jennifer Hope Wills in The Phantom of the Opera.
    photo by Joan Marcus
    The 2006 milestone of The Phantom of the Opera becoming the longest running musical in Broadway history is still fresh, and on April 4 the Andrew Lloyd Webber show hits another high point — performance No. 8,000.

    The ripe, round, even number will be reached at the Majestic Theatre at the Wednesday matinee. After the performance, star Howard McGillin will say a few words and a ripe, round, rich cake will be cut.

    (The normally press-shy masked man, who prefers to hang out in his lair on the edge of an underground lake, can't resist a photo op when it's good for business.)
    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006

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    Re: Sing "The Music of the Night" 8,000 times!

    Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban

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