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    Arrow Disney Theme Home

    I was looking through a 2006 Dream Homes International magazine and found a Disney Theme Home ad. It claims to be Imagineer designed and also says that it's two blocksaway from DLR. The ad had a link: but it doesn't work. Anyways, has anyone heard of this before, or have any info on it?
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    Re: Disney Theme Home

    I don't know anything about it. I'm sure someone else does though.

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    Re: Disney Theme Home

    I'm guessing the house was sold??

    If you Google "disney theme home" and "anaheim" your original link will return in the search results. Hit the "Cached" link and you'll see the old ad.
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    Re: Disney Theme Home

    Looks to only be interior work, and not very comfortable.

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    Re: Disney Theme Home

    Yes! The Disney Theme Home really exisits and now it's availble for rent! For more info try this link


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